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Industry Expertise

The Agriculture industry is different than most others. Grain trading is one of the few businesses where the buyer adjudicates the final price with destination discounts and deductions.  The storage of grain and the use of the futures markets creates a customer-supplier interaction not seen in other industries. Solavero provides robust experience of management  with the top feed and grain companies in the world and leadership in Ag Technology companies from start ups to the largest Ag Tech companies in the world.   We have worked with :

  • Large Multinational Grain companies
  • International Grain traders
  • Multinational Chemical Companies
  • Multinational Seed companies
  • North American Feed Companies
  • Russian Grain Marketers
  • Commercial Dairies
  • Commercial Feeders
  • By Product exporters
  • Transloading companies
  • Regional seed Companies  (grain and forage)
  • Chem Distributors
  • Seed Distributors
  • Sole Proprietor Ag Retailers
  • Cooperative Ag Retailers
  • Fruit and Vegetable Cooperatives
  • Ag Tech Start-ups
  • Weather Technologies
  • Agronomy Services companies
  • Private Equity companies looking at Agriculture
  • Venture Capitalists with invetments in Ag tech.

Consulting Services

Our management consulting services focus on your  Technological, Operational, Analytical, and Strategic needs.

Technology - Technology should make your company, more money, more efficient or more compliant.  We work with you to analyze and implement technology to make sure you are choosing and using the right technology to make you more...

Operations  and Process Improvement-  Years of experience in Forbes 25 companies and start-ups, we have experience putting the right tools in place to manage your processes, talents and assets to for your current stage of business. Implementing changes in processes and helping streamline your business can give you the resources to put toward custmer satisfaction.

Analytical -  Big Data is not just a lot of data. You need to know how to use data to make better decisions, segment your market or analyze your business processes and customer interactions. We help you choose systems to capture and analyze data that is useful in agriculture.

Strategy - Customer interaction and expectations in Ag should drive your business strategy.  Gaining and retaining customers is the center of our work in Ag.   They are not making more farmland, so Agriculture from big to small, is predicated on trusting long term relationships that create a win-win for both parties. Our experience in this field will help you determine the best strategy to grow your business. 

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